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Enabling collaboration in the era of digital ownership

Blockchain platforms like Ethereum & Enjin are already transforming the way we build and access digital services. Distributed, immutable and user-owned items can live outside of their original domain. This enables brands, project teams and individuals to tap into new paradigms of community engagement and cross-service collaborations in a user-empowering and asset-oriented ecosystem.

We embrace this new paradigm by building web-based & automated collaboration services allowing brands, content creators and social communities to interconnect their digital producst & services. By providing a powerful infrastructure and convenient web tools we enable our clients to seamlessly crosslink their content and tap into uncharted distribution and collaboration channels.


Core Features

Cross-link with digital services, brands, content and communities in order to organically grow your network and raise engagement. Easily create, integrate and share Blockchain items to access features and functions for interconnected experiences across virtual services


Easily link virtual products and services with cutting-edge Blockchain Platforms & Smart Contracts, such as Ethereum & Enjincoin


Share and offer your virtual Blockchain assets and related content to a large, interconnected ecosystem of digital services, communities and individuals


Look out for content, tokens and communities that suit your service, product or business strategy to reach out and collaborate with


Enable your Blockchain tokens for additional features, rewards, discounts and memberships to benefit your customers and enhance your brand awareness beyond your customer base.


Focus on your core business, easily initiate collaborations and grow your network while we take care of the underlying infrastructure


Increase retention, merge communities and grow your functional network with every cross-link and token collaboration.


Track and measure anonymized token activities to learn more about how and from where your users and assets flow in and out of your service.


Manage your token inventory, collaborations, sales, network & communities in one place using a seamless and intuitive UI


Automatically generate monthly revenue and tax reports in order to comply with your local regulation and law

Join the collaborative network of boundless and interconnected virtual experiences, fueled by Blockchain & digital ownership

Plug & Play

Easily connect your App and Service with a vast collaboration network using our webtools, plug-ins, a lightweight SDK and an API



Access the latest, cutting-edge Blockchain Smart Contract Platforms while using a conventional web UI

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